After my recent experiences with Undertale I am reminded of how important fourth wall breaking is to great games as an experience. Games which are capable of breaking the medium of simply being entertainment tools and instead provide an out of the ordinary experience for the user is something to be commended.

It’s like in a movie when a fourth wall break happens. It doesn’t break the illusion that the world is trying to make but rather helps to create the feeling that this world is indeed its own place where decisions are made and choices happen. You as the player/viewer are simply someone who is looking on into this world or helping to guide someone through it. While you personally may not be in the world, you are at least making an impact, and that is in some ways a greater way to immerse yourself than any other way.

I felt this way immediately after watching a Youtube video on Undertale in which one of the characters directly references that there are people probably watching them go through the story right at that moment. It caught me off guard and made me excited to feel that games have the capacity to even interact with the audience and break the fourth wall even when you are not directly playing, so clever.

Anyway what do you all think of the idea of breaking the fourth wall in gaming? Do you think it provides something more to the game and helps to immerse you or do you feel it takes you out of the experience? be sure to comment below and share your opinion! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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