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Interesting change...
Interesting change…

So Sony has decided to do an interesting change in their strategy with the PS4. They seem to have run out of ideas as to what they should do with it so they have created a survey asking players what they want!

Posted on Neogaf strangely of all places the survey asks PS4 owners what new features they want added to the console. Thing such as a bigger PS2 library, changing Playstation Network ID’s and Friend notifications. This marks an interesting change for Sony as they have not really done such a direct question session with their fans. This is a good change as it really is opening the lines to them on finding out exactly what their target audience is looking for. However some people would take this as a sign that Sony is running out of ideas and needs the fans to help them. I don’t see it that way though, if Sony are going to do anything new with the PS4 then yes please let’s get the fans to ask for features (Pleas Sony give that increased PS1/2 Library)

What do you all think of this strange choice? Comment and let your opinion be heard! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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