Exceptional Mod: Alien Assault Rifle

That looks like it fits right into the lore.
That looks like it fits right into the lore.

So doing something a bit different today, I decided I would show off a favourite mod of mine from Fallout 4 considering that Fallout 4 now has official mod support. The mod in question is an incredibly well done alien assault rifle that uses the model and textures of the alien blaster pistol but gives it a whole lot more functionality.

Firstly it gives a huge damage increase over the pistol, secondly it allows for a huge variety of customisation in how the gun works, form making it into a sniper rifle, to a shotgun, to even a constant beam rifle! (My favourite variant by far). Finally the animations of the gun such as spinning barrels and glowing textures look absolutely superb. I may be a bit biased in reviewing this gun as I absolutely adore high tech/alien mods but hey it has made the top files on the nexus! Here’s a link to the page to download this fantastic mod.


That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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