Efi Oladele

That’s certainly some jewellery!

Blizzard has teased us with information about a brand new hero coming to Overwatch, and surprisingly enough it’s not Doomfist! In a page on their site titled “Meet Efi Oladele” an interview styled piece on this wee lassie here tells us that she is an inventor, focuses on robotics and Ai, and the fact that she’s 11 years old!

Now call me speculative here however I have a pretty good feeling that Efi here won’t be appearing on the battlefield herself, rather she will be controlling or even piloting a robot of some kind, considering she already is an expert in the field of course!

Of course no actual information has been revealed about Efi or what she will be like in game however we can assume from how this is structured and worded that soon we will have brand new information on this character! I personally can’t wait and hope she turns out to be a summoner-esque character. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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