Casual Co-Operative Gaming Experiences

Bah, who needs splitscreen

Making use of my Gamecube has been tricky due to games not working or memory cards not arriving however the game I have gotten the most mileage out of is Mario Kart Double Dash, and that’s because my girlfriend loves to play it with me.

Now she is not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. She finds the notion of gaming not appealing and never plays them herself, however we have been playing a huge amount of Double Dash as it has allowed her to take on a more passive role in gaming while I am able to handle the more gamer oriented stuff.

This type of gaming is a great idea, the only other one I can think of right now that does something like this is Super Mario Galaxy (which I may very well buy just to try it with her too) and I feel more games should help create a seemless co-operative experience between both serious gamers and those who are more casual, or at least including a mode that allows this. It would certainly help us to play more games together, which is always a positive!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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