Oh god it looks so… wrong..

Aimbots in video games if you don’t know the term are external pieces of software that you either modify your console with or use as a background task on a PC to cheat in online video games, usually first person shooters. The idea behind them is that the software identifies the location of enemies and automatically locks onto them, allowing you to simply pull the trigger and get instant easy kills.

Now most people have unfortunately at one point in their online gaming time encountered someone using an aimbot as it is a fairly simple process to set up. Why do people use them? Well perhaps the opportunity to win and defeat other real life people provides a sense of satisfaction far greater than actually playing the game for that specific person, or maybe they just want to put on the illusion that they are a good player. Either way there is no reason to ever use a piece of cheating software like this as it ruins the fun of other players and creates a toxic gaming environment that thankfully we are able to somewhat fight back against by reporting certain players or even having software that automatically detects aimbots running in the background and bans them swiftly.

What do you all think about aimbots? Do you find them as infuriating as me or is there times where they can be acceptable? Let me know on the site! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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