A Man’s Best Friend

Loyal Scruffy

A word of warning before we begin, this will contain minor spoilers for a quest in the mod Beyond Skyrim: Bruma so be warned.

In my adventures in this new land I found the quests to be similar to Skyrim’s. Go fetch this, go kill that etc. It wasn’t exactly engaging but hell at least I was doing what I knew, when suddenly I come across an Inn. Inside an old man tells me of his dog that unfortunately died due to the cold and that he was terribly lonely. He gives me a simple fetch quest to go find flowers to put on the dog grave and I happily oblige.

While this happened however I came across a strange site, a random dog that was wandering around. After inspecting it I find a collar for who it belongs to, someone in the town. However I also notice bruise marks and burn marks, it becomes clear that this dog was being abused and ran away. It follows me and I have a choice, return it to the owner or find a new one. A lightbulb of course goes off in my head and I give this lovely dog to the old man to keep him company. Afterwards I follow him to the old dog’s grave and he tells it how he loves the old dog and hopes he is watching over him wherever he is.

This one single quest made me fall in love with this mod. It’s so simple, the tasks are incredibly easy but the portrayal of the characters and the emotions I felt helping out a poor lonely man made me feel incredible. Please, try out this mod if you can. I don’t normally do mod recommendations here but this alone makes me feel as though this mod deserves to be played. Just please hold back your tears, I know I struggled to. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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