If you don’t like Yu-Gi-Oh you will have no idea what’s happening right now!

After playing Duel Links for a good while (I think I may have over 300 hours in that game… oops…) I have found my love of the card game reignited due to the great community and the complexity that the game can provide.

However one big hurdle is that Duel Links is not actually the main game and in fact has quite a few rules that are different and not a lot of cards, hence why I found this gem of a program. YGOPro is an online (and very much free) custom made program created by fans of the trading card game for people to play together, chat and try out new cards and decks. Personally I absolutely love the program and have been trying out various different decks that I may play when it comes to Duel Links later in its life. If you play the mobile game just like me and want to learn more about the game it tries to streamline then try out this great program and be sure to support it’s creators!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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