Xbox Showcase 2023

Hey! It’s me in 30 years!

While there have been quite a few showcases of different games and studios over the past few days, I’ve been away so I haven’t cared much for their announcements! As such I’m only covering the Xbox showcase on that basis that I’m at home to see it. You may call it laziness, I call it being streamlined! Regardless, let’s see what has been announced, and of course I will note again that this is just the stuff I was interested in, for the full list of announcements check out the saved stream.

First thing on the agenda is Fable, showing us just more cutscenes but it at least looks more fairytale-like which is intriguing, and of course they featured Richard Ayoade which will always catch my attention. Next up on the interest block was 33 Immortals, which reminded me a lot of Realm of the Mad God as an isometric 2D hack-n-slash with a… 33 co-op feature? Odd number, but I’m intrigued! They then revealed Payday 3 which is sure to excite many fans of that series, though we will have to see if this entry will wash away the controversy of the studio’s actions lately.

We then got shown the Persona 3 remake, which unfortunately was already leaked earlier last weekend, but I’m justg glad we got confirmation it would be on the Game pass, so I can actually try it out! Then we got shown gameplay for Avowed, Obsidian’s Elder Scrolls-like first person RPG that actually looks really good. We were shown only pseudo-gameplay this time and given a release date of 2024 so I can’t make too much of a judgement yet unfortunately, but I’m still very interested and I just hope it has some kind of Necromancy in it!

Capcom then revealed a really cool looking hack-n-slash knowns as Kunitsugami: Path of the Goddess which was an incredibly pretty looking japanese-inspired experience, looking a bit like Okami with all the vibrant colours and fluid environments, I’ll be interested to find out what the story is all about here. Then there was Persona 5 Tactica which was also unfortunately leaked prior, but still I’ll take as much Persona 5 as I can get, especially as it’s on the Game Pass so I get to play it anyway!

Next we were shown Clockwork Revolution, a really cool looking Bioshock-like first person shooter with a time control mechanic which seems really interesting, I do love me some Steampunk games. Finally we were shown that the Xbox Series S is getting a new model with a 1TB SSD storage option, pretty huge, but I don’t care too much not having the console myself.

Now of course there was also Starfield, but that was a bigger showcase, so I’ll leave that for tomorrow. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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