We Do Indeed Love Katamari

That poor cow prince…

If you weren’t aware of what Katamari is, then you haven’t consumed enough Japanese media my friend! Katamari was an odd duckling of a game, essentially being a physics puzzle game in which you rolled around a large ball, picking up objects and growing bigger until you eventually gained enough mass to win the level. It was a fun game and spawned a few sequels, with the original even getting a remaster that was released also on PC. Now however it seems that Bandai Namco heard the cheerful songs of the fans and released the remaster for the sequel, We Love Katamari, too!

The game itself is essentially just the original Katamari Damacy + as it has more features, more levels, better visuals and is overall just a more complete package. It even has local multiplayer, though only if you play on consoles sadly. Still if you’re a fan of these games then you absolutely need to pick this one up, HD sillyness is always good in my book.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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