Wake Up, Alan


Remedy Entertainment have been up to a lot recently. With the big success of Control and other games in the related ‘Remedy Connected Universe’ (their term, not mine) it’s interesting to note that a game they have yet to announce has entered full production with many believing it to be the sequel to their beloved action/adventure Alan Wake.

There are many reasons to believe it’s this game such as the references to the series in the DLC for Control as well as developers previously mentioning it was in development several years ago and with Remedy being so tight lipped about the project it’s a pretty safe guess to make. They also confirmed that the sequel to Control as well as the work on a side-game focusing on co-op are still currently in development and as such it really seems like Remedy are spinning a lot of plates in the game development world at this time.

Apparently Epic Games have been assisting the development of the new Control games and as such it can be safe to assume that they will be Epic Game Store exclusives when they release on PC so if you’re interested in that series then be sure to get that downloaded just in case. I just hope all these projects don’t end up falling flat on their face. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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