Frontier Farming

Well that just looks cool as heck

While farming games are becoming more and more popular over the years have you ever considered adding giant robots into the mix? No? Well here’s Lightyear Frontier anyway, a first-person farming/exploration game in which you also pilot a giant mech to help with your harvesting, such a cool concept.

Now to be fair and to temper expectations this isn’t your standard giant war robot but is instead more akin to a fancy tractor with you spending time watering crops, collecting seeds and exploring the local environment to find ingredients and crafting parts to build up your own space farm. There will be some mysterious elements baked into the surrounding world however which may see you exploring out into the vast unknown to find out more about the ‘things’ that came before you. Regardless however it looks like a lovely indie title and is scheduled to come out at some point in the future on early access with a full 4-player co-op suit available! So if you’re interested in this type of thing then be sure to wishlist the game here to show your support.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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