Hell, I wanna record this!

Very interesting developments in the world of shooters has arrived in the form of a trailer for a game known as “Unrecord”, a Police shooter that tells the story of an officer trying to solve a case viewed through their bodycam. The thing about this game that has made it noteworthy is the photorealistic game world that looks scarily like real life, to the point that I showed this trailer to my Fiance and she thought it was just someone doing a real life skit, impressive stuff.

Now the game is currently facing a bit of controversy as the gameplay of it combined with it really looking like actual bodycam footage makes it all the more… icky when you consider the fact this is a story inherently about the police. Recent controversial events have led to many claiming this to be essentially just a way for people to glorify killing people, especially due to just how real this looks. However the creator of the game, Alexandre Spindler, claims that this will be a game that tackles the tough subjects of taking lives in the line of duty and how it takes its tole on the officer in question. I’ll save my judgement for when the game actually comes out but all I can say now is that the game looks scarily pretty.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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