Unite? I Don’t Think So

I love ironic titles

The big announcement from The Pokemon Company was announced and oh boy has it caused a massive amount of controversy in the gaming community. It wasn’t a remake of gen 4, nor was it a sequel to Let’s Go but instead it’s a chinese knock-off mobile Pokemon MOBA called Pokemon Unite, oh dear.

The game is being mainly developed by chinese company Tencent which you might remember as being one of the biggest global companies that is rapidly becoming more and more involved in the gaming industry through buying out shares in many different companies. With this official partnership it seems as though many people have finally had enough and stated that this is officially the last straw as literally nobody asked for a Pokemon MOBA, and especially not one that just looks like a simplified reskin of League of Legends.

This is literally the Diablo Immortal controversy once again, a big company makes a huge surprise announcement that claims will be a big hit for fans and it turns out to be a cheap looking mobile game (which looks as though it might be filled with massive amounts of predatory microtransactions by the way considering Tencent’s previous history) and the fans have created a massive backlash surrounding it. It really seems as though this industry doesn’t learn from past mistakes.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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