To The Moon(quest)!

It all looks so alien

I seem to be getting more and more into these pixel graphic survival games recently, maybe I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. One of these romps that just appeared onto Early Access is Moonquest, a retro-style terraria-like side scrolling survival game that also features heavily in the combat mechanics with a space/alien theme to it. It certainly seems to be treading the same waters as these other games however there is one thing to seperate it from the pack, the development time.

This game has been developed by a single person over the past seven years of their life and has only just released as an Early Access title. Clearly the develop has put a lot of time and effort into the game and hopefully the quality of it should match the development time. However as we all know sometimes games that take too long to come out end up feeling like they never should have (looking at you Duke Nukem Forever) and thus I suppose only time will tell if this man’s work will have finally been worth it.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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