Freedom From Money

Look at how nice and shiny their armor is, they probably couldn’t afford it before!

World of Warcraft is still known as one of the only MMO’s that has maintained a steady playerbase that continues to force players to pay a subscription fee in order to keep playing. This was one of the biggest turnoffs of the game for me (also alongside not wanting to lose my life) so I never really touched the game, luckily for new players while the subscription fee still remains other fees have been taken away.

Beforehand in order to access the full game you needed to make a one-off purchase in order to unlock all features, this was also coupled with the fact that all the expansions also cost money. Well all of this is luckily no more as Blizzard revealed they are scrapping the one-off fee and the older expansion’s price with only the newest to be released one, Battle for Azeroth, only being allowed to acces if you pay for it. While it’s probably still not enough to make me play this life consuming monstrosity I still appreciate the fact that newer players will be able to play for slightly less, and that’s always good news in this gaming climate.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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