The Zombie Bait and Switch

This looks like a cool undead dragon doesn’t it? WRONG!

So, if you’ll all allow me. I’d like to talk about what is possibly the nerdiest and pettiest thing I’ve ever talked about on this site, the fact that new Yu-Gi-Oh cards aren’t exactly what I wanted them to be.

It’s no secret that I love necromancy and the undead, which is why when we had the above card briefly revealed to us a few weeks ago as the star of a new archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh you can understand why I was so excited. Just look at all those bones… that cool undead dragon aesthetic… the fact is looked so powerful! This was a deck I was preparing myself for as the ‘Zombie’ deck has been lagging behind in power recently and this will be the big boost it needs! Well… it turns out that wouldn’t be the case…

Actually, these are ‘undead’ versions of older Monsters from the first few sets, and they retain their original typing. This means that none of them are classified as ‘Zombies’ and are instead things like ‘Beast’ or ‘Fairy’ depending on what the original monster was. This means that, much to my dismay, this doesn’t help Zombies at all and is just it’s own self contained series of cards and effects. This hurts me so much as the cards LOOK like they would be Zombie monsters, and plenty of older cards that are undead versions of existing monsters are classified as Zombies, but these for some reason aren’t. Even worse, the cards would have been amazing for Zombie decks providing lots of utility and power that my favourite deck was missing.

Sadly this is just me screaming into the wind at this point as nothing is going to change and these cards will just forever remain their own thing. Imagine… having an entire set of cards based around undead versions of existing monsters… and none of them are classified in the already existing ‘Undead’ monster type… truly saddening.

Anyway, rant over, apologies for filling your screen with insane ramblings about a children’s card game. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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