The (Xbox) Mods are Coming!

The magical words

In an interesting move it seems as though Microsoft weren’t kidding when they stated about how they wanted their PC platform to be as modular and compatible as possible. The most recent update to the Xbox (Beta) App has added a new feature to the games you play in which you can enable the ability to use mods in your games and after which it will directly open the file structure of the games allowing you to just pop your mods right into place, it even works with games that are a part of the Game Pass too!

Now the modding system is a bit barebones at the current moment but it’s a good sign of where this could potentially lead to. The fact it even works with Game Pass titles is a really good thing as certain games become so much better once mods are introduced and the fact that you don’t even technically need to own the game in order to mod it now is a fantastic opportunity. Let’s hope this means that titles such as the Elder Scrolls or other very modular games will come to the service soon as modding support for them will be a massive incentive for people to try them out on the Game Pass.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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