The War Changes

We’re a space sim now boys

With my love of Warframe being strong I was happy to watch the big Tennocon stream that happened this past weekend in which we saw all the new stuff in the pipeline for the game, and all of course for absolutely free.

We saw a big demonstration of Railjack, a new Space Combat system that sees us getting our own personal ship that we can pilot and have a crew to manage. We could even have other players play in real time with us such as boarding enemy ships while we pilot of even manage resources that we collect. They also briefly showed a cool looking conematic which will play at the start of the game to help new players figure out the context for the game and exactly what is going on. We were also shown the new Kuva Lich, a Nemesis-type system that gives us a personalised enemy that learns from our battles and gets stronger the more we fight it. This also tied us into the new Squad Link system, an opt-in mechanic which allows random players to assist others in completely seperate systems by completing objectives such as helping a Railjack team by taking out a ground based weapon and gaining resources for it.

Another huge things shown was the set up for the next story scenario known as the ‘New War’ but to avoid spoiling those who haven’t played the game I won’t say exactly what was shown. We also got shown brand new things that were added to the game immediately after the shown such as the brand new series of Nightwave weekly challenges and even Wukong Prime. However the final thing they showed off was a trailer for something called the ‘Duviri Paradox’ which didn’t reveal too much aside from a new faction and a new world for us to explore.

All of this seems great and while I’m sure we won’t be getting most of these features this year I am nonetheless excited for when it all finally gets added and I can spend more time enjoying this incredible free game. I wonder which new feature will come first… I can’t wait! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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