A Good Poke-Clone?

The name will take some getting used to

When I hear about clones of popular video games I usually write them off as simply trying to cash in on the success of another franchise however this title in particular has caught my eye as it seems as though it could end up being a true contender to the Pokemon franchise if it ends up doing well.

It’s known as Temtem, a creature capturing/battling MMO which is as much of a spiritual homage to the Pokemon franchise without being a blatantly direct copy. The world you play in uses ‘Temtems’ which are the creatures of this world which you capture in cards and use them to battle against people. Your story involves you travelling across this world, defeating eight Dojo leaders and taking on the championship to become the best trainer. Now of course this all sounds extremely familiar and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is just indeed a clone however it really seems as though the developers actually care about the project and want to make it as good of a game as possible.

The developers seemingly have an emphasis on fixing the things that the current Pokemon franchise are ignoring such as having your creatures follow you, having a great amount of customisation, removing random elements from battles making it purely strategic and of course having it as an MMO environment allowing people to truly connect in a way that hasn’t been possible in the Pokemon franchise before. The game is currently in an early Alpha which you can only access if you pre-order the game as this is actually a kickstarter project which is not only coming out on PC but also on home consoles, funnily enough including the Switch!

I for one am interested to see if this game will take the Pokemon playerbase by storm as with the recent controversies of the latest games this may finally be the competition that Pokemon has needed. Time will only tell though. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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