The Valve Concept Art Archive

That is… a Grub…

Half Life 3 or Half Like 2: Episode 3 has always been at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to games that they wish existed, or are waiting to exist if you are still hopeful. However a glimmer of what could have been has now been revealed to us in the form of a large cache of unreleased concept art relating to note just Episode 3 but also a whole bunch of unreleased and unrevealed Valve projects.

This comes from a Valve art collector and member of the gaming industry known as David McGreavy who, due to his connections at Valve, was able to secure various pieces of concept art from the studio during a move that would have normally seen all this stuff destroyed. Now, thanks to taking part in an interview for a popular youtube gaming documentary channel, he has decided to release all the concept art he has collected over the years on the Internet Archive which you can find here.

The art pertains to, of course, Half Life 2: Episode 3 but it also comes from other projects such as the unreleased ‘Alyx and Dog’, ‘Stars of Blood’ and many more. So if you’re interested in checking out what potentially could have been then be sure to peruse the art located at the link above. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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