Temtem Showdown

What a cool idea!

If you’re a fan of Pokemon then you no doubt know about Pokemon: Showdown, a free online simulator that attempts to take the grind out of the creation of a Pokemon team and focus purely on the competitive battling aspect. Well it seems as though it has given a lot of inspiration to the creators of Temtem too, the Indie version of Pokemon, as they have decided to create Temtem: Showdown.

As you might imagine then it’s a free online battling simulator using all the creatures from the original game. It essentially works the same way as Pokemon: Showdown with you creating a team and just getting stuck into the battles. Interestingly however it also has ties to the original game as if you have an account you can link them up to win prizes and items for the main game by winning battles in the simulator, neat! It’s also a great entry point into the world for those who haven’t taken the plunge as being a free to play game means it is far more accessible to those who aren’t quite ready to shell out money.

Overall I think this is a great idea and I wish the developers the most amount of success they can get with this spin-off project! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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