The Ubisoft Exodus

You’re in trouble now…

More woes within the Triple AAA gaming industry it seems as recently there have been a massive amount of people leaving the development and publishing company Ubisoft, so much so that it is being considered by many a “Mass Exodus”.

There are a variety of reasons for so many people leaving the company. From unfair pay, to creative stifling by upper management to of course the big reason, an unsafe working environment for women and others of different cultures and sexualities. The recent backlash and outrage at the damning reports coming from the company were no doubt instrumental in having this effect on employees but alongside that it’s been reported by many within Ubisoft that despite leaders vowing to change things internally to make sure people felt safe from sexual misconduct and harrassment it appears as though nothing has been done.

In many ways then you can see why so many people are giving up on this corrupt company. Combine that with the ridiculous focus on adding NFT systems to their games and many are questioning whether Ubisoft will remain a games company at all or will instead focus on ‘digital metaverses and items’ as depressing of a though as that is. Regardless I wish the people who have left the best of luck and I hope they find better positions in the industry.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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