The Twitch Copyright Situation

There will be talk about this

It seems Twitch’s lax approach to music used by their streamers has finally come to a head and the consequences are putting them in a lot of hot water. Recently a large amount os Twitch streamers have been contacted by the platform stating that several of their old streams and saved clips have been hit by DMCA takedown notices and as such they will need to remove these clips from their channel or face being banned.

As you might imagine this has annoyed a lot of people, especially those who haven’t even been told which of their clips are in danger of getting them banned which has led to mass deletions among their library of treasured moments. This is especially problematic for the Speedrunning community as a lot of their proof for runs is saved on Twitch’s library and as such might make providing evidence of runs in the future increasingly difficult.

It’s a bad situation for all involved at the moment but hopefully things will settle down after the initial wave of bans and warnings and the platform will be a lot more stable for it, at least we hope I mean just look at what happened to Youtube. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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