The TF2 Summer 2023 Update is Here


As noted many months ago Team Fortress 2 had planned to receive a larger than usual holiday update this Summer and it certainly has delivered on that. While it isn’t the big gameplay official update that many wanted from Valve it’s still something at least, with a large amount of new cosmetics, the largest new map pool of any update and of course quite a few fixes.

The biggest note however is the introduction of a new game mode, Versus Saxton Hale. Now for those that have played TF2 for a long time you will already be familiar with this, as it’s essentially justy an official version of a community-made game mode. However for those that aren’t as familiar it tasks a singular player, playing as the big, scary and very Australian boss of Mann Co., Saxton Hale, to take on an entire enemy team by themself. This may seem very difficult, but Saxton is no pushover as his punches obliterate players in an instant, he can leap across entire maps and can even produce a fear effect when he screams his name, truly terrifying.

While this may not exactly be a huge development in the game it’s nice to see unofficial game modes like this being brought into the actual normal game cycle as it makes it feel as though the community has contributed to the game in a meaningful way. So while yes this may not be the biggest update, I’m still happy we at least get to officially play as a large, shirtless Australian punching people to death. We just don’t get games that cater to that specific niche very often…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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