The Sacred Direct

This gives me everything I wanted

The first Direct in over a year has just finished and there is plenty to talk about, here are some of the games and additions that were talked about during the presentation, enjoy!

Firstly we were of course shown a new character for Smash Bros, Pyra! Apparently she is from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but as someone who has never played the series before I don’t actually know who they are. Still I’m sure fans of the series are very happy and they are sure to be an interesting character with their Zelda/Shiek-esque transform mechanics. We also surprisingly got a brand new Mario Golf entry, Mario Golf: Super Rush, which looks to have very pretty visuals and some interesting new game modes to spice up the usually rather stale game of golf, will be interesting to see if it’s any good.

No More Heroes 3 got some new gameplay and a release date trailer too showing the antagonists to be aliens, I’m sure Travis would approve greatly. Also funnily enough Miitopia is getting ported to Switch, maybe this is a sign of the return of the Miiverse? I highly doubt it, but it would be funny regardless.

The game that actually got me the most hyped was a game that didn’t even have an official title! Project Triangle Strategy looks like a beautiful mix of Octopath Traveller and Final Fantasy Tactics and with it being made by Square Enix I consider this the unofficial Octopath sequel that I desired with even a demo out right now! I will certainly be checking that out soon. They also announced that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity would be getting expansion passes but didn’t show much gameplay of the new DLC so I guess we will have to wait and see on that news.

For Zelda news we were shown that Skyward Sword is coming to the Switch with a full HD remaster. I personally haven’t played this entry but I’m sure for those who love this part of the Zelda game line up will be very happy to step back into the shoes of Link again. Finally we got a big surprise, Splatoon 3! It seems as though there may be some kind of open world or more heavily story focused single player content this time around heavily featuring the ruins of the old world so this will be big news to fans of that series.

That’s all that I had interest in! There were more announcements but check out all of them on Nintendo’s official channel if you want to know everything. It was a bit of a mixed bag for announcements this time but personally I’m excited for a couple of these games, be sure to tell us all which games you are most excited for! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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