The Return of Cube World

I can’t believe it…

Now this, this does bring a smile to my face. Back a few years ago when Minecraft was at the height of it’s popularity there was a game released in Aplha that aimed to be the RPG equivalent to Minecraft known as Cube World. Everyone was very excited and when it was released many people were incredibly excited at the prospect of this project developing into something that could rival Minecraft itself. However silence came from the developer, Wollay, and the project was presumed dead as updates were incredibly slow and actually stopped completely in 2013.

However now those who waited can rejoice as the game has resurfaced and is set to release near the end of this year on Steam of all places as a fully developed game. Wollay revealed that the six year silence was actually due to trauma and depression set about by a DDos attack that happened on his website once he released a merch store. This event was so bad that players harrassed and made the developer feel so terrible that he staved off social media for all this time and secretly developed the game in his own time. It’s a damn shame that this was what caused such a silence however Wollay seems to be doing well for himself now and with the release of this project finally imminent I certainly hope he will be happy to see people enjoy his game once more.

Those who purchased the game back in Alpha will be getting a Steam key meaning that I will actually get to play it once again and as a result of this you can bet that there will be a review of the full game once it comes out. Let’s see how six years of development look, I hope it will have been worth all the trouble. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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