The Protests

A bunch of angry gamers

With the recent lawsuit taking place against Activision-Blizzard following a string of accounts and retellings of women being assaulted and sexually harrassed it wasn’t long before several protests against the company started by both players and those within the industry.

On the player side of things of course many people have claimed they will not be buying Activision-Blizzard products anymore and those within World of Warcraft have started taking part at in-game protests to voice their displeasure. Speaking of WoW the developers on the game have stated that that have officially stopped working on it until something is done about the culture at the company which is a huge step as it may lead to the game being temporarily shut down if the servers are not maintained, not to mention that a lack of new content for the title will be a death sentence in the long run.

Various gaming journalists and news channels have also claimed they will not cover Activision-Blizzard products until noticeable change is created follwing the confusing statements by executives and higher ups at the company. This includes Prima Guides who are the biggest source of gaming guides and fact books, ‘The Gamer’ which is an online news site and just recently the channel ‘GameXplain’ also started taking part in this.

Ultimately this all shows that the allegations and company practices are not going to simply go away and that hard action must be taken in order to restore order within the corporation. Let’s see if it ends up actually going anywhere. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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