The Persona Translator problem

Oh dear, a lack of colour maybe

Now that the games have been released on the Xbox Game Pass I have been making my way though Persona 4 with debate as to if I will bother trying Persona 3. It’s a fun enough experience so far, though it hasn’t grabbed me quite as much as persona 5 did. Interesting then that I see news about the newly re-released games come up on my feed to do with workers not being given proper credit, here we go again…

Specifically this time it’s to do with the international translators of the game who all worked under the company ‘Keywords Studios’ who apparently do localising work for a large variety of game sin the industry. Things is however that while the original translators were indeed credited in the original releases of these game the new and updates versions released for PC and other consoles mysteriously have had their names removed from the credits. Instead the studio itself is credited with the work as a whole, which according to the original translators is something that the studio liked to do as a general practice for some reason.

It’s very odd as it directly impacts them attempting to get new translating work while not really doing much for the company itself. Even if their names were included the company would also have it’s own name put in the credits as the studio that they were working for. It’s a very odd choice that ultimately just takes away the credit that is owed to these hard workers. Sega, who published these games, apparently had to fight hard to get Keywords to actually provide the full list of names so hopefully a patch or something to that effect can restore the original names to the credits. We all deserve to be praised and acknowledged for the work that we have done, even if that work is several years old at this point.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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