The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Controversy

oh dear indeed…

Blizzard once again it seems have shot themselves in the foot, who would have thought. They recently announced that not only would Overwatch 2 contain a battle pass, one of the most hated systems in recent live service memory, but also that they would be locking a new hero behind this system and according to leaks it would take at least 15 hours of playtime to unlock this new hero.

Now this may of course spark anger in many of you but to those who do not understand what the issue is here allow me to explain. Essentially this is a full priced game, that includes a paid battle pass, has paid lootboxes within it, and now is locking characters behind this battle pass that either asks you to commit to playing the game for long periods of time that you may not have spare or pay up front to get access to all the roster. This isn’t even to mention the ramifications on Competitive as this essentially means that accounts set up for competitive play can’t actually access the whole roster and have to instead pay up to get everything ready for a competitive match. This also means that new heroes that are stuck behind this system won’t get as much play and as such will not be as competitively viable due to the lack of players maining them.

This all shapes up to make Overwatch 2 look worse and worse over time, and with it’s impending release and not that much hype behind it many are seeing it as a flop already. I guess we will see on the opening release days but you can certainly count me out on being hyped for this game release. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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