The Nintendo Switch Lite

Look at all the pretty colours!

Well this was certainly a surprise. Nintendo have announced a brand new version of the Switch to be released in September however it’s not exactly the upgrade people suspected it would be.

It’s called the Switch Lite and it focuses on being a cheaper version of the original with more of a focus on the handheld portion of the console. This is mainly due to the fact that this version no longer has the ability to stream itself onto a TV like a console but instead it will only work in handheld mode. This is emphasised by the fact that the controllers are no longer detachable but are instead a part of the Switch’s frame. It’s a shame this is the case as I quite liked the detachable controllers even in Handheld mode but oh well.

The console is stated to be lighter, comes in a variety of different colours, has a very slightly longer battery life and of course comes in cheaper than the normal Switch. It’s certainly an option for people who are more on a budget however I would suggest instead maybe just buying a secondhand Switch as you will get all of the features of the original and the price will most likely be just as cheap if not cheaper than this version. I’m just happy I won’t have to get rid of my current Switch to get a more powerful version as the same thing happened with the 3DS and I didn’t end up getting the upgrade which left me lagging behind everyone else.

Anyway what do you all think of this new Switch? Let us all know your feelings in the comments section! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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