The New Twitch Fad


So this has come almost completely out of nowhere. If you remember Twitch Plays Pokemon all those years ago then you know that the streaming platform Twitch can host some very interesting ways for communities to interact with each other and video games. Well it seems as though a new game has come up for people to flock to and it’s… the old SNES game Final Fantasy Tactics… huh.

FFTBattleground is a new Twitch channel that is hosting AI controlled battles on the classic tactical game with randomised units, abilities and equipment and is letting people bet fake gold currency on teams and just letting the AI do its thing. The most interesting part about all of this is just how popular this is slowly becoming with it at the current moment being watched by just under a thousand people and the viewership is only increasing as time goes on.

I remember TPP also hosting an online betting system based on random Pokemon battles once they had finished beating all the main games but that never really got as popular as this has, and it’s even weirder considering that Final Fantasy Tactics isn’t relevant at all nowadays and is in itself a rather niche game. Still it’s nice to see people trying out something new online and hey I even tried it out myself and enjoyed doing so. Go purple team!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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