The Name’s…

Shaken, not… shooken

The world of video games have an interesting relationship with the James Bond license. At times the games are cult classics praised for their innovative gameplay such as Goldeneye and at other times they are just cheap movie tie-in games that barely get noticed among the many other better shooters. It’s been quiet recently though and it seems as though Bond may get another excellent outing at some point in the future thanks to IO Interactive.

IO if you didn’t know are the creators of the Hitman series and as such the developers are very familiar with making games surrounding assassination, espionage and knocking out henchmen quietly. They announced that the current project under the working title of ‘Project 007’ will be a completely original story and will actually be an origin to how James gained his 00 title which to my knowledge has not been told via games and as such this presents an exciting opportunity. No details about the game have been revealed yet but with the Hitman creators behind this you can bet that the project has a lot of big name talent behind this and I’m excited to see what they produce.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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