The Among Us Craze

Kinda sus

I recently decided to see what all the fuss was about surrounding InnerSloth’s Among Us which has become the newest ‘trendy game’ to get excited about and watch streamers play constantly. I’ve been more willing to try out games that seem to have a massive but brief trend in popularity lately such as with Fall Guys or Phasmophobia as with the extra free time I have now and my willingness to play with more people I see thought I may as well try to keep myself cool and down with the kids, god I wish I was young again.

Luckily it seems that Among Us was still as good as many people claimed it was. It really reminded me of the old Garry’s Mod game mode Trouble in Terrorist Town but with the addition if simple to complete minigames rather than just the sole objective of figuring out which one of the crew was the imposter. Having this actual gameplay goal inbetween trying to find out who is sus was a brilliant idea and I found myself focused more on trying to complete my tasks and having my more competent team members figure out who was lying which ended up being the way in which I could best enjoy the game.

So it does seem as though being trendy does give a sign of quality and hey it’s easily the cheapest game I have bought in a while so that’s also a bonus! I’m so glad to see indie developers get massive recognition from good game design and simpel concepts that will hopefully lead to bigger and better projects, I look forward to seeing exactly what the future may hold! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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