The Halo 3 ‘Pimps at Sea’ Alpha

So it’s no secret that I love Halo 3 as it’s my most personally cherished game of all time but I just recently came across the video above that showed off an interesting piece of Halo 3 history that I never heard of.

The ‘Pimps at Sea’ build (named after an in-joke at Bungie) was the internal name for Halo 3’s alpha and many people claimed that this build existed and even saw employees playing it online by viewing their Xbox Live accounts. It was never confirmed however but now a version of this build has leaked online and the video above shows a playthrough of it showing off all the things present in this build.

As to be expected it’s rather sparce with only 3 multiplayer maps, no campaign, no real extra features and an only very basic working version of forge but it also shows some very interesting quirks. For example a lot of the models for weapons and other pieces of equipment are seemingly ported over from Halo 2, view models included, and several maps had slightly different layouts. Most interestingly however was a very early version of a ‘leaning’ mechanic which would allow you to peek around corners to shoot without having to expose yourself. It’s an interesting idea that sadly was never implemented but nevertheless it’s in this build as is very interesting to see in action.

You can’t actually play this build unless you have a chipped Xbox 360 but the video walkthrough shows off pretty much everything you need to see anyway so if you’re interested in a bit of Halo 3 history then be sure to check it out and marvel at just how shiny the Assault Rifle looks. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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