The Future… In the Past!

Yeah… this is warframe in the future now…

Tennocon has come along and shown us a bunch of new stuff that Digital Extremes has been working on for the game! So without further ado let’s see what is coming to Warframe.

First off, a quick detour to their currently in development game Soulframe which showed us a full demo of gameplay. The game looks to be a mix of souls-like combat with some Warframe flair thrown in, and a completely unique setting. Seems as though they are going for a nature vs technology theme here and it makes the game look absolutely gorgeous. Still no elease date unfortunately, but it’s clear the game is still early in development so was just nice to see what it will look like.

Now, for the first Warframe update coming in October, ‘Abyss of Dagath’, which will feature a brand new Warframe, will be a huge quality of life and rework update including updates to the Hydroid Warframe and changes to the companion system. It also will apparently be spooky themed, so I am looking forward to this one!

Next up, ‘The Kalymos Sequence’ which is set to release later this year. This will see a return to the continuation of the main story in Warframe and will see us combat the eldritch entity known as the ‘Man in the Wall’. Alongside this it will feature brand new areas, a new enemy faction and, most excitingly for me, a new weapon type, spellbooks! Allowing you to sling spells at enemies instead of using guns, a huge immersion boost to me and I for one will be very excited to have my Nekros fling curses at my enemies.

Finally, the oddball announcement (and get ready for this…) as another update was announced here for next year. This is known as ‘Warframe 1999’ and is a… huge departure from the main game as it sees us literally travel back to an alt-history 1999 facing off against zombie CRT Computers as a… Human Warframe? The whole thing is completely wacky and certainly out of left field. I for one however am curious as to what this all means for the future of the game. Possibly a spin-off? Only time will tell!

Anyway that’s everything. What did you think and which was your favourite moment? Leave your thoughts in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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