The Fortnite Fight

You could not make this up if you tried

Have you ever wanted to see an extremely successful company attempt to ‘fight the system’ by rallying people to morally fight against another extremely successful company? Well you may be in luck as Epic Games just recently lost the rights to sell Fortnite on the Apple and Google play store, and they are not happy.

They released a video parodying the famous 1984 screen smash advertisement in which an ‘Apple’ is being portrayed as the bad guy and how they are claiming to fight for the freedom of all, I seriously am not making this up. Epic Games are sueing Apple (and subsequently Google too after they were removed from the Play Store) due to their belief that Apple is charging far too much on in-app purchase fees that they claim are around 30% of all sales. They want to sue the company to get their app back onto the store and have it so these massive cuts are removed or at least lowered. This all happened when Epic Games decided to sell their premium currency in Fortnite, V-Bucks, directly to customers on mobile rather than doing it through their respective stores which would have incurred the high fee and as such they had breached their contract with Apple and were subsequently removed.

Now, I understand the frustration of the fees as they are indeed far too high and can lead to significantly reduced profit margins but the fact that they are publicly attempting to rally people into what should have been a private legal matter is absurd. They claim that they don’t expect to get money from this and simply want the fee removed but it still seems almost childish and the imagery they are using to make them seem as the little guys fighting against Big Brother just dampens their argument more. I look forward to seeing the fallout of this though as I do love seeing a big dumpster fire feud, I just wonder what people will actually do in reponse to this…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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