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You got some big shoes to fill buddy

Do you all remember LucasArts? The beloved adventure game developer who were originally supposed to make Star Wars games but couldn’t get the license and so as such just made incredible narrative gameplay experiences instead? Remember also how Disney shut them down after acquiring the Star Wars licence? Well remember no more, there’s a new Lucas in town, Lucasfilm Games!

This new studio (though at current moment not sharing staff from the previous studio that we know of) will be the brand identity Disney will use going forward for creating games under the LucasArts label and as such they have already announced that Ubisoft are creating an Open World Star Wars game (oh boy) and that Bethesda are creating some kind of Indiana Jones game with MachineGames heading development. This shows an interesting change for the conglomerate as previously they had an exclusivity deal with EA to create games under the Star Wars licence brand but it seems here that something has changed and now multiple companies are open to the creation of games set in this universe. To be honest it’s a good move as they will have more creative control by working directly with the other studios and as such can ensure there isn’t another massive PR hit such as there was with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Still it’s interesting they brought this studio of all back, I wonder if they will bring back any of the old crew to do some more fun things with narrative gaming, one can only hope.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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