The FNAF Movie Trailer

I don’t remember that cupcake…

After many years of work and discussion about it happening it would finally appear that Five Nights at Freddy’s is getting a full movie. The trailer above gives a basic look to the film and it’s scheduled to be released on the 27th October this year.

From my personal opinion watching the trailer it… doesn’t look great. It all seems a bit cheesy and I can imagine it will have jumpscare galore. However I guess that’s what happens when you try to make a movie out of a series that arguably was at it’s peak over 9 years ago (9 years!? Holy crap I feel old…).

I personally am still a fan of the first game, so there’s a chance that this will catch the magic of that initially simple plot but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Still there’s no point in judging it until it’s out so I guess we will wait and see in October this year. I best make sure I’m not holding a hot drink while watching it…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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