Overwatch 2 Loses Single Player Co-op Content

Talk about losing what already wasn’t there…

Activision/Blizzard are once again in the firing line after a recent stream with the devs updated players of Overwatch 2 what would be coming in the upcoming new seasons for the game. It’s no secret that the game is still not exactly popular at the moment and this new announcement may just kill most of the hype from those still interested in the world, they are gutting the upcoming PvE content.

Specifically what they are removing is the large-scale single player content that had planned originally with Hero tech trees, new moves and abilities, large scale story missions and the ability to play co-op. Instead the new content will be similar to previous PvE events in the game’s history where it will be short missions that have cinematics inbetween each play session. This is obviously a lot less than a full blown story campaign, which is what was promised in the initial pitch for Overwatch 2, so as you can imagine many players are pissed.

The reasoning for this change is that the team wished to focus more on the live service content which is what the first game was built off. That’s fine and all, but it clearly shows a lack of care regarding the world and lore of the game and specifically makes you question why they bothered making a sequel anyway as it plays pretty much the same and could have just been an elaborate patch.

Regardless it’s looking downhill here and many have already stated they won’t be bothering with the game now that they know this is basically equivalent to extra season PvE events, and I can’t exactly blame them. I haven’t touched the sequel myself and I don’t think I will for a good while as it just hasn’t built up any hype for me. If there was ever an example of the company’s downfall…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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