The End of Temtem

Ok maybe I’m being a little too dramatic…

If you don’t all remember, Temtem is a Pokemon-like MMO released a few years ago that I actually made a review for on this very site. I enjoyed my time with the game, though I didn’t think it would be taking Pokemon’s crown anytime soon. As it turns out, the developers feel similarly as they recently announced that after the next few patches the game would be feature complete and no new content would be added.

Now, while this is pretty sad for all those playing the game I think it’s a good decision to make. Games should not be forever-titles as they will just end up being too bloated by the time they collapse in on themselves. Alongside this however, the developers, Crema, also announced that they would be removing all microtransactions from the game which is a great thing to hear! Now the game will essentially act like a normal Pokemon game, playing through the single player journey and then at the end choosing to continue playing by fighting against other players, nothing else. Now if we could just get that offline mode option that would be great…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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