The End of Exclusivity?

Look at all those people discussing a good idea

It’s difficult to articulate how much I don’t like the concept of exclusive games. Yes it builds brand loyalty and yes it allows people to build up a catalogue that makes certain consoles more attractive to purchase than others, but ultimately it just ends up limiting what games people can access and in the case of some cross-platform companies can prevent some of their best games from being played unless you buy a stupidly expensive console (looking at you Bloodborne…).

Yet Xbox Game Studios may be on their way to getting rid of this stupid practice. At a recent Xbox Podcast they discussed the fact that they would be releasing several smaller exclusive titles onto PS5 in the coming year. Now this is huge as Sony is an active rival to Microsoft in the gaming sphere but it seems as though the Xbox team have realised how important it is to diversify their portfolio rather than just limiting certain games to a single console. Now does this make the Xbox a less inticive console? Absolutely. However, does this make it a bad business decision? I would argue not. Instead being able to buy games in more places will surely increase sales and with the rise of the Xbox Game Pass and how well it is doing on PC you can bet that becoming a multi-platform brand would be a good step for the Xbox brand. Let’s just wait until we get a Halo game on a Playstation, that will be quite the moment in gaming history…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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