The Dreamy Update

Tell me about your father…

The second part of Animal Crossing’s summer update will be arriving today and with it a couple of requested features are coming to the game, yay!

The main attraction here is the return of the ‘Dream Suite’ which is essentially a way in which people can visit versions of other player’s islands randomly so as to show off their creative skills. While you can’t exactly interact or pick up anything on the island it’s meant as more of a showing off tool and a way to inspire creativity in Animal Crossing players which is always a welcome cause.

We also will be getting a new event during the sundays of August that will allow us to make our own custom designed firework displays, how lovely! Finally this update will also bring the ability for people who are paying for a Switch online subscription to back-up their islands so if the worst happens they won’t lose all their progress.

Overall I like all these little updates coming to the game as it’s really helping to flesh it out and bring more and more expected features into the game. I just can’t wait for the Halloween update, it’s sure to be spooky! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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