The Death of a Wiki

Big whoops…

Some people have bad days, especially if they are site admins. Hell my own site admin has had hellish times with this site, especially when it comes to things like security. However we haven’t had quite as bad of a day as those running the Yugipedia, a fan-run wiki site for the Yugioh card game that has all of the cards in a massive database as recently they accidentally… deleted it, all of it.

Now you might be asking how this could have happened, and to make a complicated and technical answer short a site admin deleted a file that they thought was not important, but it did turn out to be important, and the whole thing came crashing down. As can be seen by the discord message above the closest backup they have for this is 2020… quite a lot of lost data there, ouch.

Still these things happen and hopefully with the help of fans and supporters they can fully bring things back to how they were. I just hope this serves as an important lesson, back up your data! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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