The Blade

A ported Skyrim dwarven armor… oh my

Of the many announcements at E3 none were perhaps as expcted as when Bethesda announced that the next Elder Scrolls game would be a mobile game spin-off called Elder Scrolls: Blades. This mobile edition of the RPG series seems to be a rogue-like dungeon crawler which is a strange turn for the series however for a mobile audience it may very well be the direction it would have to take.

From what people who played it at E3 have said the controls aren’t nearly as bad as we all feared. Yes there are some problems with touch input when you are in combat however the movement is apparently fairly smooth and works well for the device this game is trying to run on. I’m so glad that they didn’t go with the invisible twin-stick kind of control as to me the lack of physical feedback always ruins those type of games for me.

Still I will be interested to see how popular this game turns out. It will be available for PC and due to it being free I will most certainly be checking it out. Maybe it will tide me over until the Elder Scrolls 6. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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