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While E3 has passed us many people have still been apprehensive and scared about the things said about Fallout 76. A Multiplayer Fallout always online game with no Human NPC’s and less of a focus on story? That sounds like an RPG lover’s worst nightmare. Luckily another piece of content has been able to clear up a lot of the concerns I had and so sharing it with you all I think might help make everyone feel a little better.

NoClip is a youtube channel dedicated to making documentaries on the gaming industry. They were allowed inside Bethesda Game Studios during the development of Fallout 76 and by doing interviews, looking at game footage and asking for clarification a lot of new information concerning the game has come to light. There’s so many points to cover that I couldn’t possibly hope to cover them all here so instead I shall simply link you all to the video so you can get the information yourself. If you’re still not sure about Fallout 76 I implore you to watch this documentary, it might just convince you to purchase after all.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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