The Bigscreen Beyond

Becoming more like cyberpunk every day…

VR has not yet reached mainstream appeal unfortunately and many have attributed this to various factors. Price, lack of sociability, technical knowledge etc. One company however, Bigscreen, is looking to release their own VR headset that aims to tackle one of the biggest issues faced by those wanting to play VR, bulkyness and weight.

The Bigscreen Beyond, the funky looking goggles above, is set to be the most comfortable VR headset around as not only does it feature a compact design and a lightweight feel the company making them also takes measurements of your head to make an exact fit for your face. It all sounds very cool and is suitably priced for being a high end VR headset with a lot of personable touches at $999.

Something people have pointed out however is that due to the need for this headset to be sculpted directly to your face it means it will be difficult to share it with others, severely limiting the party game potential it has. As such I’m not sure just how good or popular this model will end up being. Regardless the headset is aiming to come out at the later end of this year so if you’re looking to try it out then you’d best quickly give it a pre-order to not miss out on it, just be sure you have plenty of cash that you won’t miss.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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