Giveth and Taketh

How the community feels right about now

The hype for the previously announced “update-sized update” coming this summer for team Fortress 2 has unfortunately been completely deflated as Valve decided to stealth update the blog post where they made this announcement, changing the term to “holiday-sized update” and removing the “who knows what else” line obviously in an attempt to temper the expectations that this summer update would bring.

As such from the wording now this just seems as though it will be another cosmetic and map update but without a holiday theme this time and instead will prominently feature many things from the community via the Steam Workshop. This was obviously the initial goal from the start but it seems as though the ambiguous wording on the initial blog post gave the community too much hope, so dialing it down to clarify what this actually is makes a lot of sense. Still it certainly stings that despite providing some hype for this update it still won’t be the major new step in TF2’s history that people were hoping for. Guess players better keep waiting… until the end of time perhaps.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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