That is some impressive specs

Google has finally unveiled their gaming project that they have been teasing for a while now. It’s called Stadia and they claim it’s essentially the ability to play modern games at high quality using only Google Chrome.

The basic concept is essentialy that the games would be played on a Google-owned computing hardware system and then the game would be streamed through Chrome to your computer. That way you won’t need a strong gaming PC or and fancy hardware to play games at the highest quality. They have even opened up a first party gaming company to develop games for this service and have also shown off games such as DOOM Eternal. Now while the concept does sound interesting I have a few qualms with it. First due to Google owning the games you are playing there will be no customisability such as mods or tweaks as you technically won’t own the game and secondly the games will not rely upon your hardware but will instead rely upon your internet speed which if the latency and input lag is bad enough could be a massive hinderence to this system.

Ultimately while the concept is interesting I will have to see it for myself before I can make any judgements. The service will come out later this year so be on the lookout to see if this ends up being the next big thing in gaming, don’t hold your breath though. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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