Slayer Time!


After much time waiting and twiddling our thumbs since the announcement the first iteration of the PC port of the Master Chief Collection is now in the hands of the players, albeit a select few anyway.

343 decided to launch a small test of the game on Friday to around 1000 lucky players from their flighting program. They were given access to one of the campaign levels and were asked to report whatever bugs, issues and specifically control problems that they might have and to report it to the company. The level is apparently already known to be quite buggy however 343 really want to get the mouse and keyboard style done right so this test is almost exclusively to test out how it feels to play with this brand new control scheme. However for us unlucky ones who didn’t get access they also showed off gameplay in 4K of the level in question so we can at least see just how the game will look.

It really seems as though the team care about how this game will be on PC so I am extremely excited for when it is finally given to the public fully. At that point it will just be the long wait for Halo 3… I wonder if I could invest in cryo sleep. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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